Ivy Symbol

Symbol of rebirth, life, eternity, friendship, family Ivy is a plant that survives the death of its host plant. It is a symbol of rebirth because of this. Pagans used ivy to make wreaths for Yule. The masculine was represented by the ivy, while the female was represented by the holly. Wreaths ornamented with both … Read more

Yule Candle Symbol

Symbol of light, warmth, prosperity, protection, fertility, generosity, togetherness. In ancient times, the Yule candle was known as a Yule torch. The Yule torch was used to light the Yule log before being used to light the supper. The torch was replaced with a candle as people stepped inside. The Yule log was used to … Read more

Gingerbread Symbol

Symbol of warmth, fertility, health. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that ginger became widely available. It became a Yule custom as soon as it became accessible. Gingerbread was regarded as a specialty bread that could only be cooked at Yule. Ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, the spices used in gingerbread, were thought to be warming … Read more

Holly Tree symbol

Symbol of safety, good health, and good fortune. Holly is linked with the holiday season of Yule. The Holly King ruled during Pagan times until Yule, when the Oak King defeated him and the days lengthened again. Their positions were later reversed, and during Yule, the Holly King defeated the Oak King. The Holly King … Read more

Wassail Symbol

Symbol of fertility, warmth, good health, goodwill. Wassail is a Yule drink that has been produced since ancient times. People would travel through their crops during the Yule season, pouring wine on the land to bless it and yelling to drive away evil spirits. The wine was transformed into a wassail beverage. Druids and Pagans … Read more

Mistletoe Symbol

Symbol of protection, fertility, peace, life, happiness. During Yule, Druid priests utilized mistletoe. The green foliage represented the Mother Goddess and fertility, while the white berries represented the Oak King or Forest God. Oak trees are home to mistletoe. The mistletoe was harvested with a golden blade by Druid priests, and the branches were caught … Read more

The Yule Ham Symbol

Symbol of love, fertility, and harvest. The Yule ham is a Pagan tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. Freyr was a goddess of the harvest who rode a golden-bristled boar. Wild boars were sacrificed to her during Yule. They prayed to the goddess to give them offspring, love, and a plentiful harvest. At … Read more

Yule Tree Symbol

Sun, World Tree, Happiness, and Unity are all symbols of everlasting life. In Pagan times, the Yule tree was made out of evergreen and other greens grouped together to represent everlasting life and the World Tree. In honor of the gods and goddesses, they decked the greens with pinecones and berries. They would also hang … Read more

Yule Goat Symbol

Symbol of magic, light, and deception. Thor, the deity of thunder and light, is represented by the Yule goat. Thor was pulled by two goats in a chariot. The last bundle of grain from the harvest was considered magical in Paganism. It was given the moniker Yule goat and set aside for Yule celebrations. It … Read more

Yule Log Symbol

Symbol of protection and illumination. The yule log is lit for all of the yule nights. A huge tree, usually an oak, was cut down and carried into the house in Celtic tradition. The tree’s end was placed in the hearth, and a fire was kindled using the previous year’s yule log. During Yule, this … Read more