Yule Candle Symbol

Symbol of light, warmth, prosperity, protection, fertility, generosity, togetherness.

In ancient times, the Yule candle was known as a Yule torch. The Yule torch was used to light the Yule log before being used to light the supper. The torch was replaced with a candle as people stepped inside. The Yule log was used to light the Yule candles, which were intended to burn all night. You’d have a prosperous new year if they burned all night long. By bathing the house in warm light, the Yule candle safeguarded it from evil spirits.

The Yule candle was lit in Sweden, and the residual wax was placed on the plow blades in the expectation of a prosperous crop in the coming year.

Yule candles were traditionally presented as gifts from the grocer in the United Kingdom. The candles were huge, and they served as a sign of charity and unity.

The Yule candle has become a Christmas tradition in modern times. Candles are lit to reintroduce light into a dark world.

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