Mistletoe Symbol

Symbol of protection, fertility, peace, life, happiness.

During Yule, Druid priests utilized mistletoe. The green foliage represented the Mother Goddess and fertility, while the white berries represented the Oak King or Forest God. Oak trees are home to mistletoe. The mistletoe was harvested with a golden blade by Druid priests, and the branches were caught by ladies wearing white cloaks. The mistletoe’s enchantment would be depleted if the branches touched the ground. All of the doorways were decked with mistletoe, which protected people from evil. To promote fertility, a twig of mistletoe was also worn or placed above a bed. Mistletoe was also fed to livestock to help them become more fertile.

Under the mistletoe, Norsemen would broker peace in ancient Scandinavia. They’d all take a step back and lay down their weapons. The white berries represent the goddess Frigga’s tears after her son Baldr was killed by mistletoe. Frigga kissed him under the mistletoe after he was brought back to life. The mistletoe was then blessed by her. People nowadays put mistletoe in their homes. Kissing under the mistletoe is still a ritual. During the Yule season, it is still a sign of peace and pleasure that can be found surrounding homes.

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