Holly Tree symbol

Symbol of safety, good health, and good fortune.

Holly is linked with the holiday season of Yule. The Holly King ruled during Pagan times until Yule, when the Oak King defeated him and the days lengthened again. Their positions were later reversed, and during Yule, the Holly King defeated the Oak King. The Holly King retained his greenery throughout the winter, while the oak regained its leaves in the summer. Holly is a protective emblem, and people used to decorate their homes with holly sprigs to ward off evil spirits and provide a safe haven for good fairies. The holly would be used in protection spells. People wore holly to protect themselves and maintain their health. They thought the holly was divine since it remained green throughout the winter.

Later on, holly was utilized as a decoration in homes to bring good luck. They’d use it to construct wreaths and decorate their doors and mantles with it.

Holly is still utilized to decorate for the holidays in modern times.

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