Yule Log Symbol

Symbol of protection and illumination.

The yule log is lit for all of the yule nights. A huge tree, usually an oak, was cut down and carried into the house in Celtic tradition. The tree’s end was placed in the hearth, and a fire was kindled using the previous year’s yule log. During Yule, this yule log would keep spirits at bay. The light would return to the planet more swiftly if the fire burnt continuously. When Yule was ended, the remaining wood was used to fire the yule log for the next year. The yule log was kept under the bed for good luck and to keep fires at bay.

Later, the yule log was reduced to a smaller log, which was lit at the start of the holiday season. Yule logs can still be found in today’s world. A yule log was presented as a gift in England in the early 1900s. The Yule log burned throughout the entire season, and the remains were saved to fire the Yule log the following year. The Yule log tradition has survived until modern times. People can be seen lighting Yule logs in videos. The French have a Yule log pastry that is tiered cakes filled with frosting and shaped like a log.

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