Easter Bread

Symbol of the Holy Trinity, sacrifice, fertility, life, resurrection, and hope. For Easter, people in several countries bake a special bread. The bread is known as tsoureki in Greece, and it is made with sweetened dough and red-dyed hard-boiled eggs. Because the bread is labor-intensive, baking is began a few days before Easter, and the … Read more

Easter Chicks

Symbol of rebirth, fertility, wealth, goodness. Easter chicks come in a variety of forms, including candy peeps and live chicks in a basket. Because chicks are born from an egg, they are a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Chickens were uncommon in Ancient Greece, and they were not sacrificed. They were instead provided at festivals … Read more

Easter Bonnet

Symbol of wealth and power. On Easter Sunday, Easter bonnets are worn to church. With Easter decorations, they are usually bright and extravagant. The first time these bonnets were seen was at the New York Easter Parade. During the Great Depression, when many couldn’t afford new garments, the procession took place. People were dressed to … Read more

Easter Basket

Symbol of wealth, womb, and fertility. On Easter Sunday, children are given Easter baskets. They’re chock-full of candy and fun toys for the kids to enjoy. The Easter Bunny delivers the Easter gifts to the kids. Today, Easter baskets represent prosperity and luxury. The larger the Easter basket, the more prosperous you are. When worshiping … Read more

Easter Lamb

Symbol of Christ, Passover, feasting, and sacrifice. Easter lamb is a popular dish. The Jewish holiday of Passover occurs a week before Easter. Passover commemorates the period when the angel of death passed over the houses covered with lamb’s blood and spared the firstborn sons. During Passover, lamb is a popular dish. The lamb can … Read more

Easter Parade

Symbol of excess, debauchery, lecherousness. The annual Easter parade in New York City dates back to the 1800s. On Easter Sunday, people would attend to church and then parade through the city in their finest apparel. People who didn’t have a lot of money would queue up to watch the parade. The Dionysus Festival was … Read more

Easter Lilies

Symbol of purity, fertility The purity of Christ and the Virgin Mary is symbolized by the white Easter Lily. It lies dormant until spring, when it breaks forth from the earth with a beautiful white bloom. Lilies were thought to have blossomed from Christ’s blood after he was crucified. In ancient Greece, lilies were also … Read more

Easter Candy

Symbol of abundance and breaking fast. Many individuals fast during Lent, the season preceding Easter. When Easter arrives, the fasting is finished, and it’s time to feast on meats and sweets. While some candies, such as candy eggs, have symbolic meaning, the majority of candy is just a symbol of breaking the Lenten fast. Lent … Read more

Easter Bunny

Symbol of happiness, fertility, and carnal desires. The Easter Bunny, in modern times, delights youngsters by concealing eggs the night before Easter. Ostara was symbolized by the hare. Ostara discovered a bird with a broken wing. She resurrected it and transformed it into a hare so that it might outrun hunters. She also empowered the … Read more


Symbol of rebirth, renewal, radiant dawn, fertility, magic. The goddess Ostara inspired the name Easter. Ostara was a goddess of fertility. Ancient Germanic cultures revered her and celebrated her with a multi-day feast in April. Christians are thought to have taken her name and modified it to Easter since she was linked with spring. While … Read more