Easter Bunny

Symbol of happiness, fertility, and carnal desires.

The Easter Bunny, in modern times, delights youngsters by concealing eggs the night before Easter. Ostara was symbolized by the hare. Ostara discovered a bird with a broken wing. She resurrected it and transformed it into a hare so that it might outrun hunters. She also empowered the hare to lay colored eggs. She tossed the hare into the heavens because he had too many lovers. Once a year, during the Ostara festival in the spring, he returns and hides his colorful eggs. From 500 BC to 500 AD, the goddess Abnoba was worshipped throughout the ancient Celtic territory. Her spirit animal was the hare, and she was a forest and river goddess. In the Celtic pantheon, she is a goddess. The hare played a significant role in their spring ritual. Hares were symbolic of fertility and long-term viability. Hares were often associated with Freya, a Norse deity. Hares carried her lamps, which aided in the arrival of the dawn. Freya was a goddess of spring and fertility. Hares were sacred to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Hares were given to wives as gifts from their husbands, and infertile ladies were given hares to help them conceive. Hares were thought to be mystical animals.

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