Easter Lamb

Symbol of Christ, Passover, feasting, and sacrifice.

Easter lamb is a popular dish. The Jewish holiday of Passover occurs a week before Easter. Passover commemorates the period when the angel of death passed over the houses covered with lamb’s blood and spared the firstborn sons. During Passover, lamb is a popular dish. The lamb can stand in for Christ’s sacrifice. On Easter Day, Christ died and was reborn, earning the title of “Lamb of God.” In Christianity, the lamb represents his death and rebirth. A lamb represents purity and fresh life in ancient Mediterranean cultures. It’s one of the first creatures to emerge from hibernation, so it’ll be ready to eat in the spring. Lambs were an important feature of many ancient societies’ spring festivals. Lambs were frequently sacrificed to celebrate the return of spring and the gods and goddesses after a long winter.

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