Red Cross Symbol

Symbol of martyrdom and generosity. The Knights Templar were a secret club dedicated to assisting Christians on their Holy Land pilgrimages. During the Crusades, they were active. The Knights Templar made a vow of obedience, poverty, and chastity. They avoided drinking, cussing, and gambling. They established a bank with pilgrim money and lent it to … Read more

Horse rider Symbol

Sportsmanship is a symbol of riches. The Bullingdon Club was founded at Oxford University in 1780. It began as a horse-racing and cricket-focused sporting organization. The Bullingdon Club is notorious for its lavish feasts and wreaking havoc. Their uniforms are high-end and custom-made. The club’s president is referred to as the General. At an annual … Read more

Owl Symbol

A symbol of wisdom. The Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society created in Germany by Adam Weishaupt. Although some individuals assume the group is still active today, it only existed from 1776 to 1785. The Illuminati was a group of people who believed in Enlightenment principles. Weishaupt aimed to instill those values in the German … Read more

Black Dragon Symbol

Vengeance is a symbol of nationalism. In Japan, the Black Dragon Group was created in 1901 by martial artist Uchida Ryohei as a secret nationalistic military society. The Russian Empire was to be kept out of East Asia. High-ranking military officials, Cabinet members, and secret agents were among the group’s members. They were in command … Read more

Double Leaf Symbol

Symbol of progress. In the 1920s, the Double Leaf Society was created in Japan. It was a secret military society made up of Imperial Japanese Army Academy majors and colonels. They aimed to remove Choshu officers from higher positions in the Imperial Army. The members of the Double Leaf Society were less likely to be … Read more

Hatchet Symbol

Symbol of power and survival. The Carbonari were an Italian secret organization. Their name means “charcoal burners,” and they were founded in the 18th century by charcoal burners. Their gathering area was referred to as a baracca, which is a shack. The vendita, a coal-burning term that refers to a site where coal is sold, … Read more

Square and Compass Symbol

Morality’s symbol. Local stonemasons founded the Freemason Society in the 14th century. Apprentice, Journeyman/Fellowcraft, and Master Mason are the several degrees available. As they advance through the ranks, they gain additional knowledge about the Freemasons and are given new obligations. Freemasons gather in private lodges to confer degrees on their members and listen to lectures … Read more

Rosy Cross Symbol

Consciousness, education, and knowledge are all represented by this symbol. The Rosicrucians were a secret organization founded in the early seventeenth century in Europe. They believed in a universal human reformation. The rosy cross was their major symbol. A rose was placed in the midst of a calvary cross. The group adopted this emblem, which … Read more

Yellow Sand Symbol

Symbol of anti-government and protection. In the early 1900s, the Yellow Sand Society was created in China as a secret society. The Yellow Sand Society was a millennial cult that thought that only Yellow Sand Society members would be saved during the approaching Armageddon in 1919. They were opposed to government involvement and tax increases. … Read more

Red Spear Symbol

Anti-government symbol of protection. The Red Spear Society was created in Northern China in the 1920s. In Northern China, this community posed a threat to official control. The Red Spear Society was usually commanded by Buddhist monks who fought with red spears. The color red stood for catastrophe protection. The Red Spear Society was founded … Read more