Rosy Cross Symbol

Consciousness, education, and knowledge are all represented by this symbol.

The Rosicrucians were a secret organization founded in the early seventeenth century in Europe. They believed in a universal human reformation. The rosy cross was their major symbol. A rose was placed in the midst of a calvary cross. The group adopted this emblem, which initially appeared in Byzantine. The rose, according to some, indicated the opening of consciousness, while the cross represented the human body. In 1407, Christian Rosenkrutz organized a small group of friends who vowed to treat the sick without expecting payment and to keep their friendship a secret. The Rosicrucians were founded on this principle. Rosicrucians penned manifestos on astrology, philosophy, and alchemy. These manifestos aided the group’s promotion and expansion throughout Europe. Many more secret societies arose from the Rosicrucians later in Europe, some of which are still active today.

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