Square and Compass Symbol

Morality’s symbol.

Local stonemasons founded the Freemason Society in the 14th century. Apprentice, Journeyman/Fellowcraft, and Master Mason are the several degrees available. As they advance through the ranks, they gain additional knowledge about the Freemasons and are given new obligations. Freemasons gather in private lodges to confer degrees on their members and listen to lectures on Masonic history. Non-members are kept out of the lodge by an armed swordsman stationed at the entrance. The square and compass are the Freemasons’ primary symbols. The square represents all mankind by aligning their acts with a square of virtue. The compass represented how to behave inside specified bounds. The square and compass sign, when combined, represents skillfully doing actions within limitations. The Freemasons are committed to charitable projects that benefit health, education, and the elderly. The Freemasons swear to keep their society and symbols secret.

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