Viking Ship

Symbol of strength, drive, and ability

One of the earliest Norsemen to travel and conquer sections of Europe were the Vikings. With their longships, they were able to accomplish this. Longships were designed to be rowed or sailed. They were crucial in conflicts because they could withstand the ocean. They could sail in both little streams and large oceans, allowing them to outrun their opponents. Many Europeans dubbed the ships “dragon ships” because of their curled fronts. These were not huge ships, but rather little boats. Nonetheless, they were utilized by the Vikings to conquer Europe and sail to North America. Longships were frequently buried with Vikings so that they may be utilized in the afterlife.

In Viking legend, there were two great longships. The god Frey’s ship, Skithblathnir, was the first. Frey was the god of peace and fertility. His ship could be folded and tucked away in a pocket. It’s also big enough to contain all the gods. Frey’s ship was sometimes employed to get them where they needed to go.

Nalgfar is the second ship. It is the ship of Hel, the underworld goddess. It is composed of dead people’s fingernails and will rise up against the gods during Ragnarok. The ship will be steered by Loki and the giants, who will use it to invade Asgard, the abode of the gods.

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