Wolves Symbol

Protection, loyalty, devastation, and savagery are all symbols of the wolf.

In Viking lore, the wolf is both a positive and negative emblem. Along with the berserkers, there were also a group of bloodthirsty warriors. Ulfhednar was their name. Ulfhednar were Odin’s personal warriors. Ulfhednar were comparable to berserkers, with the exception that they battled in groups and wore wolfskins while fighting. They were people’s protectors and would eventually be resurrected in Valhalla.

Fenrir is a giantess’s offspring and Loki’s son. He was a massive wolf that refused to stop growing and was unmanageable even by the gods. To keep Fenrir under control, the dwarfs devised a chain. Fenrir is still bound, according to legend, and plots his vengeance for being imprisoned. Fenrir will burst loose at Ragnarok’s dawn and devour the moon and sun. He will also assassinate Odin. Fenrir represents destructive forces. He is an uncontrollable force that will wreak destruction on the planet.

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