Helm of Awe

Symbol of strength, victory, defense, and bravery. The Helm of Awe is similar to the Vegvisir in appearance, with the exception that all of its staves are identical. On the battlefield, the Vikings used it as a magical emblem of bravery and protection. It is seen as a powerful emblem capable of bringing victory to … Read more

Viking Axe

Symbol of bravery and strength Viking warriors wielded the Viking Axe on battle fields. The axe had a distinct shape than modern axes. The Vikings loved axes that were simple to build and wield. They had more weapons to battle with the more axes they had. A single cutting edge was present on the Viking … Read more

Odin’s Ravens

Symbol of wisdom, carnage Hugin and Munin were Odin’s raven twins. Odin with his ravens was depicted on brooches, amulets, and helmets even before the Vikings. If a raven appeared after a sacrifice to Odin, it signaled that the sacrifice had been accepted. Ravens were frequently spotted around battlegrounds. Carrion eaters, they eat the flesh … Read more

Vegvisir (Viking compass)

Symbol of direction, staying on track, and safety. The Vegvisir, or Viking compass, has eight arms and was used to prevent people from being lost. It is made up of eight magical rune staves in total. The Viking compass is mentioned in the Galdrabok, a book of spells, as a symbol of protection that was … Read more


Symbol of bravery, heroism, reincarnation, and fate The Valknut is a Viking warrior’s killed symbol. When a Viking died, they could go to one of three destinations. They could wind up in Hel, as the name implies. Hel is a dismal place controlled by the goddess Hel, with a great eating table. Warriors were determined … Read more

The Boar

Symbol of joy, abundance, and peace In Viking symbology, the boar represented wealth, contentment, and peace. Freya and Frey’s attendant spirits were boars. Freya was the goddess of love, and Hildisvini was her boar’s name. Hildisvini was referring to combat pigs. Freya would charge into battle on her boar. Frey is the god of fertility, … Read more

Viking Ship

Symbol of strength, drive, and ability One of the earliest Norsemen to travel and conquer sections of Europe were the Vikings. With their longships, they were able to accomplish this. Longships were designed to be rowed or sailed. They were crucial in conflicts because they could withstand the ocean. They could sail in both little … Read more

Wolves Symbol

Protection, loyalty, devastation, and savagery are all symbols of the wolf. In Viking lore, the wolf is both a positive and negative emblem. Along with the berserkers, there were also a group of bloodthirsty warriors. Ulfhednar was their name. Ulfhednar were Odin’s personal warriors. Ulfhednar were comparable to berserkers, with the exception that they battled … Read more


Symbol of hunger for blood, fury unrestrained, and protection Viking Berserkers were a type of warrior. They would fight while in a trance-like state, killing all of their opponents without thinking. They were unafraid and ruthless. When Berserkers fought, they usually wore a bearskin. The bear was revered by Berserkers. They got their abilities from … Read more

Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)

Powerful, protective, and blessing symbol Thor was the god of thunder and war. Thor had used his hammer whenever the Vikings heard thunder. Thor’s hammer has the power to destroy gods and to bring mountains crashing down. It was made by dwarves who said it would never fail and would always return to Thor when … Read more