Cancer Symbol

Cancer is the Zodiac’s fourth sign. It is ruled by the Moon and is a water sign. Hera dispatched a crab to attack and defeat Hercules as he was fighting Hydra in Greek mythology. The crab represents high social position and fortune in Chinese culture. Trust, Cycles, Emotion, Regeneration, Protection, and Transformation are all represented by this symbol.

The bulk of people born under this sign have contradicting personalities. They can be sympathetic and concerned with family and friends while also saying hurtful things to them owing to their mood swings. They might be unusual at times, but they can also be insecure about themselves in an instant. They are extremely sensitive, even though they appear to be harsh and hard at times.

Their versatility is one of their most charming characteristics. They can assess a situation and take appropriate action. This sign’s people make excellent companions since they are dependable, responsive, loyal, and kind. They are mysterious at times and tough to analyze the majority of the time. Their sensitivity, on the other hand, makes them reliant on others for emotional support and encouragement. They are also very intuitive and perceptive of others’ intentions. Their flaws include oversensitivity, moodiness, selfishness, manipulativeness, and a tendency to wallow in self-pity. They have a hard time trusting others and prefer to cling to the past.

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