Capricorn Symbol

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the Zodiac. Saturn rules the Goat, which is an Earth element. It is known as Amalthea, who gave milk for Zeus the child after Rhea rescued him from Cronos’ grasp. Because it was a shattered Capricorn horn, the word cornucopia means “horn of plenty.” Courage, curiosity, faith, sturdiness, intelligence, dignity, balance, sacrifice, aloofness, peace, masculinity, and virility are all connected with the emblem.

They are driven, disciplined, loyal, hardworking, responsible, cautious, and resourceful individuals. They are preoccupied with their accomplishments and fulfillment. They do not take chances since they prepare every step to achieve their objectives. These descriptions, on the other hand, apply to the “mountain” goat, whose sole purpose in life is to ascend and aim high. The other type of goat is the commonplace goat, who is pleased with his lot in life. To get this goat to move, you have to really push it. Both sorts of goats, on the other hand, are cautious and patient. Capricorns are authoritarian, egotistical, unimaginative, distrusting, and perfectionists in terms of negative qualities.

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