Witch Circle

Symbol of completion, cycles, transformation, protection.

The witch circle is a representation of the circle that must be formed before any ritual can begin. It’s an exact circle. These circles can be made on the ground or in the air using salt, chalk, or a cord. In magical literature, there are both intricate and simple circles. It’s sometimes shown with a pentagram inside. Spirit, air, earth, water, and fire are all represented by the pentagram. Pentangles have long been utilized as a symbol of protection in Wiccan rituals.

When a spell was cast, the witch circle served as a protective barrier. The witch circle is thought to assist concentrate energy in modern times. A witch is said to have to trace the circle three times from east to west. The four cardinal directions can be used to symbolize the elements, archangels, and other things on circles.

The circles in Wiccan traditions are normally roughly nine feet in diameter, with different colored candles in each quarter. A green candle represents Earth in the north portion. A red candle represents Fire in the south. The east candle represents Air, while the west candle represents Water. With a power cone, energy is raised in the circle. If the circle is crossed or broken, the energy will be weakened. The only point where the circle will be broken will be on the east side, where a door will be built. The door is closed in a counter-clockwise manner after the spell is complete. The act of closing the circle is known as releasing the circle.

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