Symbol of goddess, fertility, unity In Wiccan rituals, the chalice represents the water element and the goddess. It is utilized in particular rituals and to offer a drink to the spirits. The chalice is sometimes empty, while other times it has ale, water, or wine. It’s usually silver and made of metal, but it can … Read more

Witch Circle

Symbol of completion, cycles, transformation, protection. The witch circle is a representation of the circle that must be formed before any ritual can begin. It’s an exact circle. These circles can be made on the ground or in the air using salt, chalk, or a cord. In magical literature, there are both intricate and simple … Read more


Symbol of healing, power, energy, moon Wands are linked to the strength of the person who wields them. They are linked to the elements of air and fire. Wands have the power to change things. Wooden wands are the most common, but metal and ivory wands are also available. They are utilized to guide energy … Read more


Symbol of protection, good fortune, love, positive change, strength, and power. Shells are related with the moon and the element of water. Because they are found on the sand beside the sea, they are thought to be between worlds. Aphrodite is related with seashells, which are utilized in love rituals. Shells are effective in money … Read more

Witch Bells

Symbol of protection. The element of air is related with witch bells. They’re little bells that are employed in the casting process. The witch bells are used to call spirits and signal them. They can also be used to drive away unwelcome spirits and demons. The curse can be lifted by passing witch bells over … Read more


Symbol of vengeance, protection Wormwood is a leafy plant that grows throughout Europe. It can be kept in a magic bag to protect you against mishaps, psychic attacks, and wandering spirits. Wormwood can be used to send dark magic and produce visions. Wormwood, when combined with mugwort, can be used to conjure spirits and in … Read more

Owl of Wisdom

Symbol of inner knowledge, unmasking, wisdom In ancient Greece, the Owl was connected with Athena. Athena was the goddess of knowledge and the night. The owl assisted Athena in seeing the complete truth by presenting truths that Athena was unaware of. Witches in some West African countries think that if they employ specific owl parts … Read more

Witch’s Foot

Symbol of power A three-lined symbol, akin to a snowflake, represents the witch’s foot. Below and above are represented by the middle line, while directions are represented by the other lines. A person can gain the power of heaven, earth, and the cardinal directions all at once by using this emblem. It can be utilized … Read more


Symbol of peace, healing, love, devotion, joy. One of the first musical instruments was the harp. Pythagoras created it on the Greek island of Crete. Pythagoras discovered that the harp’s tones may help people heal. Music has the power to soothe both the mind and the body. It’s an extremely potent magical sign. People’s souls … Read more


Symbol of fertility, lifecycle, centering, development Spirals can be seen all over the place in nature. The spiral is an essential element of our planet, from shells to our DNA. It is one of Mesopotamia’s oldest magical symbols, dating back to 10,000 BC. The spiral symbolizes the beginning, middle, and end of something. It signifies … Read more