(The crab) is a cardinal water sign that symbolizes clarity, purity, trust, rejuvenation, and regeneration. The rebirth or renewal component of water is symbolized by the crab’s shedding of its shell for a new one. Its serenity to flow in time with the natural cadence of water symbolizes movement and faith.


(The scorpion) is a water sign that is always present. Water is associated with the subconscious and contains countless mysteries, such as the enigmatic world that thrives within enormous, murky oceans. Water is associated with the Scorpio and represents quiet, reflection, and mystery.


The willow has long been associated with the psychic realm and has been employed in ceremonial and metaphysical rituals due to its affinity for aquatic environments. It represents creativity, clarity, progress, and flexibility.


The Celts used the reed, which grew in swampy locations, to make roofs, cleanse homes, make torches and flutes, and so on. Purification, protection, and clarifying are all aspects of Reed’s water symbolism.


It is predominantly a wetlands or swamp tree. Its roots are frequently buried in water and provide fish with refuge. Its leaves disintegrate in water, providing nutrients to aquatic life. Alder is associated with water because it represents vitality, nurturing, and rejuvenation.