Symbol of bravery, heroism, reincarnation, and fate

The Valknut is a Viking warrior’s killed symbol. When a Viking died, they could go to one of three destinations. They could wind up in Hel, as the name implies. Hel is a dismal place controlled by the goddess Hel, with a great eating table. Warriors were determined not to wind up in Hel. People who died of illness or old age were resurrected in Hel. Helgafjell, a holy mountain where people lived lives similar to those they had on Earth, was another destination.

The warriors were the only ones who could go to the third place when a Viking died. Only the brave could make it to Valhalla. The deceased warriors would be gathered by Valkyries and flown to Valhalla. The warriors would meet the god Odin in Valhalla and feast and revel with him. When Ragnarok arrived, the warriors rose to fight alongside Odin in the ultimate battle to determine who would rule the world. It was a great honor to be welcomed into Valhalla, and murdered Viking warriors were also revered on Earth.

The nine points represent the Nine Worlds, which house the many entities from Viking stories. The three interlocking triangles represent the three afterworlds, while the nine points represent the nine worlds.

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