The Happy Human

The Happy Human sign is an internationally recognized emblem of Humanism, having been adopted as its official logo by the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). Humanism is a fast growing progressive philosophy that encourages ethical living focused at personal fulfillment as well as striving for the greater good of humanity. It is a philosophy that asserts that all humans are moral and virtuous beings capable of acting without the help of divine, religious, or supernatural ideas. It emphasizes the necessity of identifying common human wants or problems, as well as finding rational solutions to them.

As a philosophical framework, humanism is gaining traction around the world. Its popularity stems from its emphasis on the capacity for righteousness and moral qualities that every human being possesses. The Happy Human sign represents a happy human race, which is at the heart of the humanist ideology, which prioritizes utility over religious dogma.

The British Humanist Association (BHA) owns the original Happy Human emblem, which it obtained through a competition it held in 1965 to discover an appropriate design for its Humanist movement. Denis Barrington submitted this winning design.

The sign has gained worldwide recognition and appeal. Today, a number of genuine humanist organizations around the world are tailoring or adapting this image to represent themselves. Wherever you discover Humanism, you’ll find the Happy Human.

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