Fire, night, discord, rulership, divination, conflict, seduction, beauty, and strife are all symbols of fire.

One of Ometecuhtli/sons Omecihuatl’s was Tezcatlipoca. The jaguar is his spirit animal, and obsidian is his sign. He’s also known as the Smoking Mirror. Obsidian is a dark stone utilized by Mesoamericans to build prophecy mirrors. Tezcatlipoca was frequently shown with an obsidian stone in his foot or a breast mirror made of obsidian. On his face, he has a black and yellow stripe. He was the Northern God. Quetzalcoatl was Tezcatlipoca’s major opponent. Tezcatlipoca agreed to be the sun deity after they created the world together. Tezcatlipoca’s obsidian foot irritated Quetzalcoatl, who thought Tezcatlipoca was a representation of the night. Tezcatlipoca was knocked out of the sky by Quetzalcoatl, and Tezcatlipoca changed into a jaguar and devastated the world.

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