Taurus Symbol

The second Zodiac sign is Taurus. The Bull is the Babylonian constellation, with Earth as its element and Venus as its ruling planet. In Greek mythology, Zeus transformed into a bull to kidnap the King of Crete’s daughter Europa. The bull is a symbol of virility and fertility in Celtic animal iconography, and it represents brutal physical strength. The bull (ox) is a Chinese emblem for determination, endurance, long-suffering, and determination.

Taurus is a generous, trustworthy, loyal, patient, loving, and persistent sign. They are noted for their social abilities and are quite practical. They do, however, manage to remain separate from the rest of the group. They have that calm, cool, and collected demeanor that exudes a type B personality, and you can only get as close to him as he wishes. They are not overly assertive when it comes to initiating things, but once they get into a rhythm, they are unstoppable due to their dedication.

Taureans are known for their obstinacy. Trying to get your point across once they’ve decided on a side in an argument is like talking to a brick wall. They hide their feelings well, and you’ll never know where you stand most of the time. Their materialistic drive, laziness, self-indulgence, and possessiveness are other flaws. They can be stubborn, introverted, sulky, and uninteresting at times, making them poor mates. They frequently reject any type of change. It would be difficult to persuade people to change their minds once they had made their decision.

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