Symbol of protection, good fortune, love, positive change, strength, and power.

Shells are related with the moon and the element of water. Because they are found on the sand beside the sea, they are thought to be between worlds. Aphrodite is related with seashells, which are utilized in love rituals. Shells are effective in money spells since they were once utilized as cash in various cultures. Shells placed around a person’s neck or strung in a house provide protection. Seashells can be utilized for divination as well.

They can be worn as an amulet to elicit varied results depending on the shell. Love spells can be cast with clam, oyster, or conch shells. Cone shells are employed as a kind of defense. Travel spells are cast with scallops. Cowries and tooth shells are profitable. Whelks will be a force for good. Limpets bestow strength, boldness, and power. Male fertility and diseases are treated with screw shells, augers, and cerith shells. Keyhole limpets are excellent at figuring out how to get out of sticky situations. Tulip shells are utilized to discover one’s fate. Tusk shells provide battle strength.

Some witches engrave spells on shells and then cast them out at sea. The magic is cast when the tide comes in and the shells are carried out into the water.

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