Aries Symbol

The first of the Zodiac Symbols is Aries. It is a fire sign, and persons born under it are thought to be lively, outgoing, and adventurous. Mars is the ruling planet, and the sign is represented by a Ram. In Greek mythology, the ram brought Phrixux and Helle to Colchis in order to flee Ino. When Phrixux arrived in Colchis, he slaughtered the ram and hanged its fleece in Ares. It was the same fleece that Jason and the Argonauts were looking for when it turned to gold.

In Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek cultures, the constellation Aries is well-known. Force, Power, Energy, Drive, Protection, Virility, and Fearlessness are all connected with the Ram.
Aries is a generous, self-reliant, enthusiastic, optimistic, courageous, honest, and energetic sign. Despite all of these outwardly flamboyant features, an Aries native is relatively naive. For his own good, he is far too trusting. He’d be one of the first people to be duped into a Ponzi scam or to give to a phony nonprofit organization.

Aries is a strong worker who prefers to “do” rather than “speak.” They are innovative and powerful minds who have a pioneering attitude. They want adventure and consider the globe to be their Shangri-La. Aries-born people, on the other hand, have a short patience span since they expect everything to be done quickly and painlessly. They are impetuous, selfish, short-tempered, aggressive, powerful, and belligerent, and their mood swings are common. They will leave everything undone as soon as they grow intolerable, regardless of the consequences.

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