Anti-Apartheid symbol

Symbol of anti-apartheid movement, togetherness, peace, love, and victory.

From 1948 to the 1990s, apartheid was a system of institutionalized racism in South Africa. The anti-apartheid movement emerged in 1959 in an attempt to overthrow the apartheid system. The yin and yang symbol with capital A’s replacing the inner circles was one of the anti-apartheid movement’s symbols. Both duality and connection are represented by the yin and yang symbol. The duality of human nature is represented by the two figurines side by side. The fact that the dark A is on the light side and the light A is on the dark side demonstrates human nature’s unity and interconnectedness. This symbol represents the possibility of humans living in harmony and peace. Three figures standing above and surrounded by laurel leaves are another anti-apartheid emblem. Black, grey, and white are the three figures. They’re hugging each other. Ancient Greece provided the laurel leaves. They are symbols of victory. The three figures depict humanity living in harmony. When viewed as a whole, the sign denotes peace victory.

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