Monarchy, power, loyalty, honor, and grandeur are all represented by this symbol. The crown has traditionally been associated with royalty. The king or queen of a monarchy wears a crown to signify authority, power, dignity, and glory. Since the time of the Roman Empire, crowns have served as emblems. Monarchies use them as a potent … Read more

Socialism symbol

socialism’s symbol, community, The Socialist Party, The red rose has been a symbol of the Socialist Party since the 1880s. Red became the color of the Socialist Party after the French Revolution in 1848. People would wear swatches of red cloth to identify themselves as socialists. Later, when socialists were arrested, they decided to wear … Read more

Communist symbol

Solidarity, strength, agriculture, and the working class are all symbols of the Communist Party. After Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto in 1848, the Communist Party was first mentioned in literature. The Communist Party’s purpose is to create a common order of things free of classes and the state. A hammer and … Read more

Green party symbol

Fertility, growth, and oneness are all represented by this symbol. The symbol of the Green Party of the United States, Canada, and England is a green earth encircled by a green flower. The earth flower is the symbol’s name. This symbol signifies lowering carbon emissions and regreening the planet. Using the globe as a sign … Read more

Anti-Apartheid symbol

Symbol of anti-apartheid movement, togetherness, peace, love, and victory. From 1948 to the 1990s, apartheid was a system of institutionalized racism in South Africa. The anti-apartheid movement emerged in 1959 in an attempt to overthrow the apartheid system. The yin and yang symbol with capital A’s replacing the inner circles was one of the anti-apartheid … Read more

Anarchy Symbol

Anarchy is a symbol of anarchists. Anarchists use the anarchy symbol to express their ideals. It’s made up of the letter A surrounded by the letter O. Anarchy is represented by the letter A, while order is represented by the letter O. It all adds up to the motto: Society seeks order in chaos. Anarchy … Read more

Raised Fist

Symbol of Black Lives Matter, the Communist Party of Germany, anti-fascism, solidarity, and support, as well as anti-racism. A political cartoon by the Industrial Workers of the World in 1917 featured one of the early uses of a fist as a symbol. Solidarity was symbolized by the raised fist. The raised fist was first adopted … Read more


Strength, luck, royalty, and stability are all symbols of the Republican Party in the United States. In the early nineteenth century, the elephant became a symbol of the Republican Party in the United States. The Republican Party coined the phrase “seeing the elephant” during the Civil War to describe acquiring experience at a cost. In … Read more


Stubbornness, joy, and humility are symbols of the Democratic Party in the United States. Andrew Jackson was a Democratic candidate for President of the United States in 1828. His opponents referred to him as a jackass. He embraced the term and included a picture of a donkey on his campaign posters to demonstrate his support. … Read more