When worn as a talisman, Merkabah, a three-dimensional symbol of the Star of David, emits positive energy that gives both blessings and protection. Meditating on Merkabah enables one reach the spiritual plain and seek the eternal wisdom and knowledge of the universe, according to traditional Kabbalah. Its message is that human existence is more than … Read more


Chai (or Cha’i) means ‘living’ in Hebrew. In traditional Judaism, the sign, which consists of the Hebrew characters Chet Yod, represents charity, riches, and longevity. Because of its gematric (numerical) value of 18, Jews usually distribute charity in multiples of 18. The letter Chet is linked to the Tree of Life’s 18th path, which incorporates … Read more


When a Jew affixes a mezuzah to their door, God shields the home from negative influences, according to the Zohar, which is the fundamental book of Kabbalah. It is a protective emblem that informs evil emissaries that God is watching. The phrase mezuzoth is a combination of the words Maveth and Zaz, which combined signify … Read more

Star of David

This Star of David sign, also known as the Shield of David (or Magen David in Hebrew), has its origins in ancient Jewish tradition. The earliest usage of this symbol were in the shape of a hexagram, or the putting together of two equilateral triangles, according to history texts. Hexagrams were utilized as decorative themes … Read more


This Kabbalah symbol resembles a raised hand. The name literally means ‘five,’ and some academics believe it signifies the Torah’s five volumes.Peace and fellowship are at the heart of Hamsa. This interpretation has other, related implications, such as collective prayer, inviting others, and mental and physical healing. People who display or wear the Hamsa are … Read more

Tree of Life

The tree has long been seen as a sign of life, rebirth, and vitality. As a result, it’s not unexpected that this mystic symbol has been employed to represent beliefs and aspirations by many different religions and even disciplines of science. Many historical sources demonstrate that the Tree of Life was used in many different … Read more