The Tripundra is a significant Hindu emblem used by Shaivites, or Lord Shiva devotees. Tripundra is a tilak that consists of three horizontal lines drawn on the forehead with Bhasma or sacred ash. A red dot or Bindu may be superimposed in the center. Some Shiva devotees also draw Tripundra’s three ash strips on the … Read more

The Trishula

The Trident, also known as the Trishula, is a popular Hindu symbol linked with Lord Shiva. Though this three-pronged emblem is commonly thought to be a weapon employed by the Lord to guard and restore Dharma, it has deeper connotations. It symbolizes the balance between the energies of creation, preservation, and destruction and represents the … Read more


Ganesha is the God of Obstacles and the Dharma’s Ruler. From His throne, He directs our karmas by putting impediments in our way and removing them. In every endeavor, we ask His permission and blessings.


The banyan tree, which represents Hinduism, has many branches, many roots, and spreads shade far and wide while stemming from a single large trunk. Silent Sage Siva sits beneath it.


The orange or crimson banner carried above temples, at festivals, and in processions is known as dhvaja, or ‘flag.’ It is a victory emblem, signaling to all that “Sanatana Dharma will triumph.” Its hue represents the sun’s life-giving rays.

Fire Altar

The fire altar is thought to be a unique symbol of old Vedic rites. The Hindus give offerings to the Gods using the fire element, which represents divine consciousness. Hindu rites are performed in front of a fire.


One could say that Brahman Itself (him/herself) is the fundamental building material of all reality, as it is the source of all things. Brahman, as defined by Hindu texts and the ‘acharyas’ of the Vedanta school, is a very particular understanding of the absolute. This one-of-a-kind concept has never been duplicated by any other religion … Read more


The bindi, a dot (typically red) worn on women’s foreheads, is one of Hinduism’s most well-known things. It’s a type of tilak, a sacred emblem worn by many Hindu men and women but with less religious significance than other tilaks. The bindi is traditionally worn by married Hindu women on their foreheads. It represents female … Read more