The Earth element has the ability to cleanse. Prosperity, fertility, stability, orderliness, groundedness, sustenance, creativity, physical abundance, nourishment, solidity, dependability, security, permanency, intuition, introspection, and wisdom are all symbols associated with it.Winter is the season linked with Earth, while North is the associated direction. An inverted triangle with a horizontal line running through it is … Read more


It is linked to the breath of life and is said to have purifying properties. Communication, intelligence, perception, knowledge, learning, thinking, imagination, creativity, harmony, and travel are all represented by the element air. This wellspring of life can also be a source of tremendous destruction at times.Spring is related with air, and the East is … Read more


Water is said to have cleaning properties. Dreaming, healing, flowing, fluidity, purification, regeneration, stability, strength, change, fertility, devotion, receiving, and unconditional love are all represented by this symbol. It represents both death and rebirth. It may be both life-giving and destructive. Fresh water represents life and good health, whereas polluted/stagnant water represents illness.It is related … Read more


This element is thought to have been the first to appear when the cosmos was created. Fire is thought to provide transformative and cleansing properties. It has the ability to provide warmth and support life, as well as to burn and destroy. Fire represents Light on the spiritual realm and the Sun or Flame on … Read more