Ying-Yang Symbol

The notion of yin-yang, commonly known in the West as (yin and yang), is used in Chinese philosophy to express how polar or seemingly opposing energies are interrelated and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to one another. As a result, opposites only exist in relation to one another. The concept … Read more


Goldfish is a symbol of prosperity, opulence, and abundance. Goldfish is a fashionable emblem in Chinese culture, and it can be embroidered on clothing to stimulate the flow of wealth and comfort into one’s life. As a New Year image, the emblem is frequently utilized alongside the lotus flower. They’re considered to be the harbingers … Read more


Bamboo has traditionally been associated with longevity, youth, strength, suppleness, flexibility, adaptability, endurance, good fortune, wealth, virtue, and traditional values in Chinese culture. The Chinese equate its deep roots with determination, the tall, clean, and evergreen stem with honor and chastity, and the hollow interior with simplicity and innocence.


Water is the source of all life. Stillness, power, cleansing, and refreshment are all qualities it embodies. Every cell in the body is supported by water. We jeopardize our health’s vital integrity if we don’t have access to clean, fresh water in our bodies and environments.


The Earth Element was frequently shown as the center in ancient Chinese literature, with the other four elements surrounding it. All life depends on the Earth for sustenance and shelter. The Earth Element and its two representatives, the Spleen and Stomach, are the organs that support the body’s, mind’s, and spirit’s nourishing activities. The stomach … Read more

The Wood 

The Wood Element is related with rejuvenation, growth, and regeneration. Spring symbolizes renewal as the sprouting of new life and the continuous movement of Chi.The Wood Element represents a vision of life, movement, and direction.


The Snake (also known as the Serpent) is one of the 12-year animal cycles found in the Chinese zodiac, which corresponds to the Chinese calendar. The earthy branch emblem is related with the Snake Year.