Symbol of vengeance, protection

Wormwood is a leafy plant that grows throughout Europe. It can be kept in a magic bag to protect you against mishaps, psychic attacks, and wandering spirits. Wormwood can be used to send dark magic and produce visions. Wormwood, when combined with mugwort, can be used to conjure spirits and in love magic. When someone inhales wormwood smoke, they develop psychic abilities.

Some people think that wormwood grew in the route of the serpent who was expelled from the Garden of Eden, and that it is hence effective against snake bites. If a person ventures into a dark Russian forest, they should bring wormwood with them to ward off Rusalki, Russian water spirits.
To heighten psychic awareness, defend your home, and counteract negativity, wormwood can be utilized in smudge sticks, amulets, and incense.

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