Witch’s Knot

Witch’s Knot, also known as Magic Knot or Witch’s Charm, is a protective emblem. One of the reasons for this symbol’s effectiveness is that it may be drawn in a single continuous motion. The sign was thought to be used by witches to link items magically and create protective circles. To keep negativity out, the … Read more


The Circle is a key Wiccan symbol that depicts the universe as well as the feminine spirit. It represents wholeness, unity, and infinity, as well as the cyclical nature of all things, and it inspires various other Goddess symbols such as the Spiral of Life, Circle of Earth, and Wheel of the Year. Witches are … Read more


Triquetra is made up of three interlocking petals, or Vesica Pisces, an old yonic sign for the Goddess. As a Wiccan symbol, it represents the Goddess’s three aspects: maiden, mother, and crone. It’s also meant to symbolize the three planes of existence: intellect, body, and soul or spirit. The three domains of sea, earth, and … Read more


In Wiccan tradition, the Besom or Broom is a significant symbol. It is used in a Wiccan hand-fasting marriage ceremony, when the newlyweds must jump over it to seal their vows. The Besom is a symbol for cleansing or purification, as well as sweeping away unwanted effects from any location. The sign is also thought … Read more


The athame, also known as the ceremonial knife, is a Wiccan altar implement and a symbol. It represents the ability to distinguish between objects, separate them, and make decisions. It is linked to the assassination of deception in order to reveal the truth, and it is utilized in Wiccan rituals to focus magical energies, intentions, … Read more


The Pentacle is a significant energy-giving and protecting Wiccan symbol, consisting of a 5-pointed star within a circle. The symbol’s five points represent the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit, and it’s thought to depict the entire Universe, with all aspects of the world coming together to portray the one Divine. The … Read more


The cauldron is a classic Wiccan symbol that represents the Mother Goddess’s womb. The cauldron was a symbol of heavenly inspiration, endless sustenance, and abundance in ancient Celtic mythology. It is used as a Wiccan altar tool for making witches’ magical brews, combining herbs, and burning incense.