Symbol of rebirth, cleansing, curses, love, and goodness. Skulls are employed in various voodoo rituals. They are employed as a sign for rebirth in traditional healing dances. Illness is regarded as a curse. The healing dances assist the n’um in traveling from the stomach to the skull, where it explodes. The skull denotes a person’s … Read more

Skeleton Key

Symbol of protection, crossroads, and communication. The skeleton key is a protective and opening symbol. Papa Legba is a spirit that hails from Ginen, a celestial realm beyond the planets. A skeleton key is his symbol. He stands at a fork in the road, allowing or disallowing individuals to communicate with other spirits. He has … Read more

Voodoo doll

Symbol of pain, protection, and communication. In New Orleans, voodoo dolls are used to inflict illness, pain, and death on a person. They’re formed by connecting two sticks together in the shape of a human body. The head contains human-like primitive figures and the body is sometimes packed with Spanish Moss. They are sometimes embellished … Read more

Chicken foot

Symbol of protection, curse. In voodoo, a chicken foot is used to protect a person and their possessions. The best defense is chicken feet from black-feathered chickens. Hanging a chicken foot near the home entrance at night or from the rearview mirror of a car can help keep valuables safe. It’s also possible to curse … Read more


Symbol of creation, equilibrium, and intellect. Damballah is one of voodoo’s most powerful spirits. He takes the form of a big white serpent. The Grand Met, or god of gods, was said to have created Damballah. All life was created by Damballah. He created the stars and planets with his coils. His shedded serpent skin … Read more

Erzulie Dantor

Symbol of protection for women, love. Erzulie Dantor is the spirit’s goddess. She is the matriarch of the family. Mothers, lesbians, and single mothers are among the clients she represents. Erzulie Dantor, often known as the Black Madonna, is on the lookout for them. When there is a chance of violence, she is summoned. She … Read more

Maman Brigitte

Symbol of death, healing, judgment, and fertility. Maman Brigitte is both a death and a life spirit. She will either guide a person to death or bring them back to life when it is time for them to die. She is frequently represented by a black rooster, which represents the sunrise and rebirth. She assists … Read more


Symbol of health, balance, and messenger. Ayizan and Loco are married. As his wife was the first priestess, he was the first priest. Loco protects sanctuaries and natural areas. He’s brought in to pass judgment on people, and he frequently transforms into the wind so he can listen without being seen. He serves as a … Read more


Symbol of ancestry, home, and family. Agassou is the spirit or ruler of the leopard. Agassou was born when a leopard mated with his mother, the princess. He ascended to the throne and brought voodoo from West Africa to Haiti. He represents ancestors, home, and family. His spears and shields, which were handed to Agassou … Read more


Symbol of protection and cleansing. The Ayizan Veve is a symbol of Ayizan, the marketplace’s Queen. She is a voodoo lwa, or spirit. As one of the most ancient spirits, Ayizan is worshipped with great respect and reverence. She is in charge of voodoo priestesses’ initiation rites. Ayizan is a guardian who wards from evil … Read more