Voodoo doll

Symbol of pain, protection, and communication.

In New Orleans, voodoo dolls are used to inflict illness, pain, and death on a person. They’re formed by connecting two sticks together in the shape of a human body. The head contains human-like primitive figures and the body is sometimes packed with Spanish Moss. They are sometimes embellished with lace and sparkles, however this is not required. Pins are included with the dolls. These pins are used to attach the doll to another person, causing pain and illness. They are designed to cause a person pain.

Voodoo dolls are made for a variety of reasons in other regions of the world. When a voodoo doll is hung upside down on a tree, it is claimed to keep evil spirits at bay. Voodoo dolls are also displayed in graves to help maintain the link between the living and the dead open.

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