Fertility symbol.

Tialoc, the god of fertility, rain, and water, was the third sun. He could be kind or merciless. By showering the Earth with rain or hurling thunderbolts or hail down from the sky, he either gave life or took it away. Shellfish, amphibians, snails, and herons were among Tlaloc’s animal forms. He lived on Mount Tlaloc, an active volcano that is still active today. Tlaloc is shown with bulging eyes and fangs. He usually has water, illumination, or maize in his hands. The four Tlalocs manage time and mark the four corners of the universe. Tlaloc was wedded to Xochiquetzal, the corn, sex, and flower goddess. Tezcatlipoca had seduced her away from Tlaloc, and Tlaloc had been despondent as a result. There was a drought on Earth because he refused to make it rain. People prayed to him, but he was unresponsive to their petitions. He’d had enough of people pleading with him to assist them. Tlaloc rained fire down on the Earth, destroying it.

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