Vase of Treasure

The Vase of Treasure illustrates the boundless wealth inherent in the Buddha’s teachings. His resources were never spent, no matter how much wisdom and spiritual insight he shared. Vases packed with sacred and costly artifacts are put on altars and other sites in Eastern culture, where they are considered to attract harmony and wealth.

Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower represents the cleansing of one’s mind, speech, and body as a whole. The flower, although being rooted in muck and pushed to push up through water, eventually achieves a condition of fragrant beauty and perfection. This process represents the soul’s ascension from the muck of materialism, over the choppy rivers of existence, … Read more

Endless Knot

The Endless, or Auspicious, Knot is a geometric symbol that expresses the idea that everything is interconnected in reality, and that every action has a reaction. The knot, like Buddha’s wisdom, has no beginning or end and connects the noble qualities of wisdom and compassion.

Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel, also known as the Golden Wheel, signifies the auspicious manner in which the sacred wheel of Buddhist philosophy continues to turn. Followers feel the constant joy of emancipation from attachment and the wonderful benefits of good deeds at all times and in all levels of existence. The Noble Eightfold Path, one of … Read more

Golden Fish

In Tibetan Buddhism, the sea signifies the samsara cycle, or the endless circle of suffering. As it navigates stormy oceans without drowning, the Golden Fish represents contentment and a lack of anxiety. The fish is often represented as a carp, which is prized in Asian culture for its shape, size, and longevity.

Victory Banner

The Victory Banner is lauded as a symbol of Tibetan Buddhist thought’s absolute victory over hostile and negative factors like ignorance, discord, and even death. Tibetan monasteries’ roofs are adorned with variations of this iconic symbol.

Precious Umbrella

The Precious Parasol, or Precious Umbrella, is a traditional Eastern symbol of both royalty and protection. It symbolizes protection from illness and other hazardous influences, as well as the abundance that can be found under its calm shade. The vertical handle of the umbrella is equated to the earth’s core axis, making the bearer the … Read more

Right-coiled White Conch

The deep and spiritual voice of Dharmic teachings is symbolized by the right-coiled white conch. It awakens Buddha’s pupils from their deep sleep of ignorance and urges them to devote their energy to the benefit of mankind after they have heard it. Right-spiraling conches are rather uncommon, and they are thought to reflect the motion … Read more