College of Thelema

The College of Thelema’s seal is stylised in this rendition. Before it was accepted as the official seal, it is thought to have been the personal sign of Thelema College founder Phylis Seckler. Its design is based on the Lamen of Martinists, with the Eye of Horus replacing the letter yod in the triangle. The … Read more

Seven-pointed star

The Star of Babalon is a seven-pointed star symbol that was chosen by Aleistar Crowley to represent Babalon. Babalon is a Thelemic Goddess who represents the Binah realm in Kabbalah. The seven points of this sign represent the seven Babalon letters, as well as the seven planets, seven veils, and seven chakras.

Star of Babylon

The Star of Babylon is Aleistar’s personal symbol, according to legend. The emblem summons angelic guardian angels from all seven planets and also represents Thelema’s law. It’s also known as the Babylonian Seal or the Babylonian Mystery, notably the Mother of Abominations. It alludes to the mystery of the mother of Abominations’ adulteries when she … Read more

Unicursal Hexagon

The Unicursal Hexagon is the most prominent emblem of this faith, and it is depicted above. Despite its widespread use by Aleistar, this symbol is thought to have been created by Blaise Pascal in 1639. It is a pentagrammatic representation of the five elements as well as the heavenly cosmic energies.