The Persian Water Goddess Anahita

Anahita is the Persian water goddess. She is also known as the Lady of the Beasts, the Fertility Goddess, and the Goddess of the Sacred Dance. Anahita ruled the seas, as well as the stars and fate. She exemplifies the female creative principle. Anahita is often depicted with a bejeweled diadem of stars, and she is surrounded by strong lions. Lakes, rivers, and the waters of birth are also associated with her. She is a goddess of war and the patroness of women.

“The spotless one,” Anahita means. She is depicted as a virgin, wearing a golden shawl and a tiara encrusted with diamonds. The dove and the peacock are her sacred creatures. Anahita was a famous goddess in ancient Persia, and she is regarded as one of the Great Goddesses in many eastern religions.

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