The Emu Aboriginal Symbol

This emblem is also represented from an overhead perspective and with indentations in the ground, just like the budgerigar symbol. The Emu is another bird represented by this symbol. This is a huge bird that the aboriginals used as a source of food as well as bush medicine. The feathers of this bird were utilized as ornaments during sacred and public events by Aboriginal males who hunted it.
This symbol depicts an emu and narrates a narrative about it. The bird could walk for miles eating berries, seeds, and grass, according to the Aboriginals.

When the bird became thirsty, he would move slowly as if he were in danger until he arrived to the waterhole, where he would check to see if anyone was nearby before sipping the water. These birds are notoriously difficult to trap, and aboriginals utilized poison leaves to do it. They’d go to these water holes and poison the water, then wait for the birds to arrive.

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