Tau cross

The name of the Cross of Tau symbol comes from the Greek letter it resembles. It was thought that the T shape represented an earlier form of the crucifix. Due to the relationship between the tau and the Biblical mark placed on the forehead of the people destined to be rescued, as recorded in Ezekiel 9:4 ( “set a mark on the forehead of the men”), the Cross of Tau was also seen as a symbol of salvation. A similar hypothesis relates the tau to the shape created by Moses’ hands in Exodus 17:11.

The Cross of Tau, also known as St. Anthony’s Cross, the Advent Cross, and Saint Francis’ Cross, is associated with the Catholic faith’s most famous saints. On his cloak, St. Anthony wore a tau-shaped cross. It was chosen as a personal emblem by St. Francis of Assisi, who used the tau to paint the doors and walls of any place he was living in. He also signed his name with it.

The Cross of Tau is a symbol of immortality outside of Christianity. It was seen as a symbol of Tammuz, the Sumerian god of death and resurrection, by the Chaldeans and Egyptians. The pagan priest inscribed it on the recipient’s forehead during baptism procedures.

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