Sun Wheel

The Sun Wheel is an ancient sign that consists of a circle surrounded by an equal-armed cross. It is a well-known spiritual emblem that has been found in the iconography and sacred art of many prehistoric societies all over the world. Sun Cross, Wheel Cross, Solar Cross, Pagan Cross, Woden’s Cross, and Odin’s Cross are some of the other names for it.

The Sun has always been revered and regarded as all-powerful, superior, and a preserver throughout history. It’s designed to keep track of the planets’ movements and impacts, as well as their moons. The Sun Wheel emblem is thought to call upon the vast cosmic powers to bestow fertility, life, abundance, prosperity, and peace upon the Earth. The Sun Wheel’s cross divides the circle into four sections, each of which is claimed to reflect the solar calendar and is marked by the solstices. They represent the four annual seasons, each of which has a substantial impact on agricultural cycles.

The Sun Wheel’s basic symbol can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The four cardinal directions – East, West, North, and South – are supposed to be represented by its divisions. The divisions of the emblem, which have an astrological meaning, represent the four identities of life: self, intellect, emotion, and real manifestation.

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