The pentagram, perhaps the most well-known esoteric symbol of all time, may also be traced back to ancient Sumeria. It was an ideogram used to characterize Merovingian Kings as “lofty ones” or “shining ones” in Sumerian pictographic writing, and it was portrayed inverted. The pentagram’s link with dark magic is most likely due to the … Read more


Lilith is a pre-Sumerian/Babylonian deity most famous for Her role in Hebrew mythology. Lilith, also known as “The Dark Maid” or “Maiden of Desolation,” is a nighttime monster connected with owls. She is represented as a beautiful winged woman with bird’s feet and claws on this Babylonian clay plaque from 2000-1600BCE.


Cuneiform, the Sumerian writing style, is typically mentioned when people think of the Sumerians. The Sumerian symbol cuneiform is by far the most well-known. Cuneiform is the simplest and oldest written language in the world.