Nine-Pointed Star

The nine-pointed star represents the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit stated in the Epistle to the Galatians in Christian symbolism. The sign might be merely a star, or it can include the Latin initials of all the fruits (Benignitas, Bonitus, Fides, Mansuetudo, Continentia, Charitas, Gaudium, peace, and Longanimitas) inside the star’s points. The Baha’i … Read more

Star and Crescent

The Star and Crescent, though generally known as a symbol of Islam, are not genuinely Muslim or Islamic in origin. The Ottoman Empire, a prominent Muslim state that controlled over a large territory for a long time, used this emblem as an insignia. Because the Ottomans represented Islam to the Western world, they began to … Read more

Red Star

Religion and ideology are the things that the red star represents if there are any. From there, the symbol became well-known for a variety of reasons. Flags, insignia, logos, ornaments, and monuments all contain it. It’s also a common architectural element, particularly in the building of stained-glass windows. Other than that, it represents heraldry, communism, … Read more

Star of Lakshmi

Lakshmi’s star is an eight-pointed complicated star. This represents the eight Ashtalakshmi shapes, which are formed by two squares centered at 45-degree angles. The star is associated with the goddess Lakshmi and the wealth she bestows. This symbol first appeared in the film “The Pink Panther Returns.”

Star of Life

A six-pointed colored-blue star with white edges is usual. The Rod of Asclepius can be located in the center. This sign is commonly used in American logos to identify ambulances, paramedics, and other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers. An orange star of life is also visible, which is used by search and rescue crews.


The Pentad is a five-pointed star with various meanings that is especially popular among Pythagoreans (they have used it to identify each other). It can be used to represent the number five in a variety of ways, as well as invulnerability, power, and life. “Justice is five,” said Nicomachus, a Greek philosopher who investigated the … Read more


This 6-pointed star, also known as a Sexagram in Latin, is made up of two equilateral triangles. This is a religious, historical, and cultural symbol. It is a well-known symbol of Jewish identity, occultism, Hinduism, and Islam. It’s also used to represent the G2 root system in mathematics.


A mullet is a five-pointed star that represents the rowel of a spur. Depending on the number given on the blazon, it can also be a six-pointed star at times. When the number is not stated in German-Nordic heraldry, however, a six-pointed star is employed. When the blazon does not specify a number, however, a … Read more


This is a wavy-rayed six-pointed star. It can be found on the shields of powerful knights and is frequently used as part of flag insignia. In some situations, a six-pointed estoile can also be an eight-pointed one. This star sign is made up of alternating straight and wavy lines. It essentially denotes a celestial star.