Spider Grandmother

Healing, wisdom, leadership, and protection are all symbols associated with this animal.

A spider is encircled by a web in the Spider Grandmother sign. Native American legends mention the Spider Grandmother. Spider Grandmother appears in Hopi mythology as a spider or an elderly woman. She helps people with medical issues and gives guidance. She is a thoughtful and capable leader. The Earth was formed by Spider Grandmother, the Earth Goddess, and Tawa, the Sun God, along with a few other gods. The four tribes were created after the Creator created man and woman. The Good Spirit is also Spider Grandmother. She is a spiritual guide who leads people to the higher realms. Spider Grandmother protects a community by spinning a web over it in one story. Witches attempted to burn the town down, but their fires were extinguished by the web. Spider-Woman is a human defender and aid in Navajo mythology. Spider Old Woman was the deity who filled the earth in Pueblo mythology. Spider Grandmother has made appearances in modern plays, a fantasy novel, and a feminist novel and book.

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