Zia Sun

The Zia Sun is a sign of the Sun cherished by the ancient Zia Pueblo tribe in New Mexico, depicted as a red circle with four groups of four rays each, all pointing in four directions. The number four was also holy to the Zia Indians, and it signifies the four seasons, directions, and years … Read more

Sun Cross

The Sun Cross, possibly the world’s oldest religious emblem, may be seen in religious art from America, Europe, India, and Asia. It depicts an equal-armed cross within a circle, which represents the solar calendar, which marks the solstices. It may even be represented as an eight-armed wheel with the equinoxes marked on it. The Solar … Read more


Tanit, also known as Tannou or Tinnit, was the Phoenician and Carthaginian Goddess of the Moon. The Goddess was invoked for the city of Carthage’s protection and fertility. Tanit’s emblem is one-of-a-kind, stylised in the shape of a human body. It depicts a circle perched atop a triangle. The figures are separated by a horizontal … Read more

Horned God

The masculine part of divinity, or God’s male essence, is represented by the Wiccan Horned God emblem, which is equal to and opposed to the female Triple Goddess. The image of a full moon and a crescent moon are combined in the emblem. Vegetation, wilderness, nature, hunting, fertility, and sexuality are all connected with it. … Read more

Triple Crescent

The Triple Crescent represents the Three Goddesses and their three-fold nature. It represents the three stages of womanhood: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The three basic characteristics of life, birth, growth, and death, are likewise represented by the symbol.

Triple Spiral or Triskele

It’s a three-part symbol made up of interwoven spirals. This ancient Celtic emblem is linked to the afterlife, reincarnation, and earthly life. The Sun is also represented by the Triple Spiral, and a spiral reflects the Sun’s movement over three months. As a result, the Triple Spiral represents nine months and is used as a … Read more