Skull and Bones Symbol

Death is represented by this symbol.

Yale University is home to the Skull & Bones secret society. It was created as a result of a disagreement between certain Yale debating societies. The number 322 is written underneath a skull and bones motif. The number 322 represents the death of the Greek orator Demosthenes, while the skull represents death. Athens became a plutocracy after he died, with only the wealthy deemed citizens. The Brotherhood of Death is another moniker for the Skull & Bones. In 1832, the society was established. The Tomb is the meeting site for the Skull and Bones. The members are known as Bonesmen, and they are chosen from Yale University’s elite. Until the 1970s, the club was mostly made up of white Protestant men, with the occasional exception of those of other faiths or races. In 1992, females were first allowed to join. The society is infamous for stealing from other societies and storing its valuables in the Tombs, including human skulls. This secret organization has included presidents and corporate leaders.

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