The Egyptian symbol for a star is Seba. This starfish-like line design is made up of five equidistant spokes. The term’seba’ is related with gates and gateways and denotes discipline or learning. The early Egyptians were fascinated by the night sky and had a vast knowledge of it. The stars had a significant impact on the creation of their calendar, as well as their ideas about life after death. Images of astral deities, constellations, and stars adorned the ceilings of their temples. Nut, the Egyptian sky goddess, is also depicted wearing five-pointed stars. The stars were thought to represent the souls of the deceased and were regarded Osiris’ followers.
The Seba represents a star and the gods of the stars, or constellations, but when it is encircled by a circle, it represents the Duat, the otherworld or country of the afterlife, where the souls go after death.

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