Samhain Festival

Symbol of excess, peace, gluttony, harvest, and spirits.

The Samhain event takes place from October 31 to November 1. This event heralds in the dark season and ushers in the harvest. During Samhain, the borders between the spiritual and physical worlds dissolve. People are able to communicate with the spiritual realm as a result of this. The most important is the Samhain celebration. This festival took place between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. The harvesting of the crops kicked off the festivities. The produce would be brought to the Druid priests by the people. Using a fire wheel, everyone would join together to create a community fire. The sun was symbolized by the wheel, and the fire was lit with prayers to the sun god.

Cattle were sacrificed at the Samhain ritual. Herds were being driven back from the summer fields at this time of year. The sacrifice was made in the hopes of the gods protecting the animals. A household would sacrifice 23 percent of its corn, milk, and children to the Formorians, who were wicked entities that would bring damage and blight on a society if sacrifices were not made.

Samhain was a festival commemorating the death of a loved one. During the Samhain holiday in Ireland, ancient tombs were built so that the sun would rise through them. During Samhain, people believed that spirits walked the earth. To keep the gods and fairies from taking people to the Otherworld, sacrifices and food were placed out for them. The Pukah, a shapeshifter who seized people, headless horsemen who foretold a person’s death, and the Faery Host, who hunted humans to take back to the Otherworld, were some of the creatures that could take people. During the festival, residents dressed up as monsters and animals so that the spirits wouldn’t identify them as humans.

The commanders of forces were given holiday thrones at the Samhain festival, and weapons were forbidden. Nobles from all around the country would get together to draft new rules and renew old ones. They ate as well. During the Samhain occasion, feasts and mead beer were consumed in excess.

As a gift to the gods, the sacrifices and some of the harvests were thrown into the fire. All of the fires in the houses were doused and then re-lit with the fire from the bonfire at the end of the festival. The Samhain festival used to last a week, but nowadays it only lasts a single day. Halloween was thought to have originated with the Samhain feast.

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