Undying love, royalty, purity, unity, jealousy, infidelity, friendship, grace, and mystery are all represented by this symbol.

Roses have long been associated with love and romance all across the world. In ancient Greece, the goddess Aphrodite was associated with roses. The rose oil was employed by Aphrodite to protect the body of Hector, a Trojan prince. She was also stabbed by a rose thorn while attempting to reach her dying lover Adonis. The rose turned a deep red color as a result of her blood. The red rose was first used as a symbol of everlasting love at that time. The rose is associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity. The rose was used to create the rosary and other holy prayers. The rose is the national flower of England. It appeared on the shields of armies fighting in the Wars of the Roses. The rose is also a socialist emblem. In protest of the Anti-Socialist Act of 1878, the French Socialist Party donned red roses.

White roses are traditionally connected with weddings as a symbol of purity and love.

After the War of the Flowers, red and white roses represent unity and harmony in England.

After the Prophet Mohammed got envious of his wife, yellow flowers were associated with infidelity and envy. While Mohammed was battling, he became persuaded that his wife was having an affair. When Mohammed returned, the angel Gabriel advised him to order his wife to toss anything she was holding into the river, because if it turned yellow, it signified she had been unfaithful. When Mohammed got home, he told his wife to toss the red roses she was carrying into the river. Mohammed was convinced she had been unfaithful when they turned yellow.

Pink roses represent friendship and the start of love. They are also associated with grace and elegance.

Lavender roses are associated with mystery due to their uncanny resemblance to an unattainable blue color.

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